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Saturday, February 29, 2020

What the weekend is for

The weekend -- or, if you don't work "business hours", then "your days off" -- is for two things:
  • Doing things you enjoy
  • Getting things done

If you spend the weekend doing things you enjoy:  that's great!  But, then you aren't allowed to complain that you didn't accomplish anything -- because you actually spent the weekend in a different way (which was fun -- although less productive).

And if you spend the weekend accomplishing tasks on your "To Do" list:  nicely done!

The worst thing, I would say, is to intend to get things done, but then to fritter away the weekend avoiding the task (procrastinating!) by doing a lot of small, meaningless things that you don't really enjoy, either.  That is a wasted weekend.

Whereas, if you consciously decide "Screw my 'To Do' list:  I'm going to do [fun thing] instead!" -- well, you've made a choice.  Good job.

As above, you lose the right to complain about your "wasted" weekend -- because you chose to do [fun thing] instead.   But, hey:  at least you had a nice time.  :)


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