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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Could have stayed home

A few days ago I had asked my manager permission to leave mid-afternoon, for a dental appointment. 

So, when I showed up today, she expressed surprise at seeing me.  For some reason, she had thought that my dental appointment would be an all-day activity.

I **offered** to go back home – if she advised it as my manager – but she said, “No, no…” ;)


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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Another tiny apartment

Another tiny, clever apartment.

Pretty neat.  Although:  hardly any food in the 'fridge or the cupboard; he doesn't have enough room to keep really anything relating to a hobby or collection:  LPs, books, DVDs...

(Thanks to Clever Building Woman for this video.)


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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Movie review - Safety not Guaranteed

Safety Not Guaranteed – Takes place in Seattle (yay!).  A female magazine intern gets assigned to a story based on an unusual personals ad in the paper, where a man has advertised for a travelling companion for his time machine.

Through the whole movie, it's ambiguous as to whether the guy is just a nut, or whether he really has built a time machine.

I found the ending satisfying.

Not a top-rated movie, but quietly satisfying. However, the two sub-plots with the two males who came with her (they work at the same magazine) seemed extraneous:  except for adding to the run time, there didn't seem much point to those sub-plots.  Eh.

A few swear words and some mention of sex; no nudity or particular violence.

Worth seeing once -- although not everyone will enjoy it. I thought it was "pretty good".

The main character is “Julie” from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, for what it's worth.  



Friday, January 02, 2015

I wish

I had loaded some Beatles songs onto the kids' mp3 players. I had also loaded some of the songs that I wrote and recorded. 

Boy #2  asked me who did “Yellow Submarine”. I told him that it was by the Beatles.

A little while later one of my songs came on. He asked me, “Are you part of the Beatles band?”

I wish.:)


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Thursday, January 01, 2015

How I spent New Year's Eve day

New Year's Eve was spent quietly, with the family: the kids actually managed to stay awake until midnight -- even B2, who usually wanders off and falls asleep before everyone else.

But the day of New Year's Eve, I spent puttering about with a "marble maze" kit -- or rather, three of them combined -- experimenting with binomial distributions.

Because, you know -- that's what you do on vacation.

Note that I make some comments in there that alludes to OCD-ness.  If I was **truly** OCD, then I would've done more than five iterations.  ;)


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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Change of hair

Maybe this is an "end of the year, starting a new year" activity.  And it's also just something I do every three to six months.

And, it's in part a reaction to a comment at my Krav Maga class.  The teacher guessed that I was about 50; I'm actually in my mid-40s.  Oops.

He probably over-estimated because I'm substantially receding, and I have a large patch of grey in my beard.  So when I let my hair get shaggy, it emphasizes my hairline; and when I let my beard grow out, it shows the grey.


As usual, here's a series of photos as I do my half-yearly "trimming back the shrubbery" haircut.

Photo 1:  Full hair, full beard:

Photo 2:  Trimmed the beard; from this view you can see the grey as a halo around the darker area around my mouth:

Photo 3:  Trimmed the hair:

Photo 4:  Trimmed the beard with clippers:

Photo 5:  Actually shaved; probably the first time in half a year: 

So:  comparing photo 1 with photo 5 -- did I lose five years?  Could I pass for 35?  38?  41?  :)



Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tiny house with good design

I liked the design of this tiny house.

Also this one:  green green green green green!


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Wrong sign

I suspect that The Lady thinks I'm crazy for allocating any brain-space to this:  but, I dislike incorrect language.   

This is a sign at the local McDonald's:

So:  if it said "Open 24/7" or "Open 24-7", that would be correct:   it's repeating a common phrase -- which omits the (implied) units (hours per day; days per week).

And if it said "Open 24 hours, 7 days", I would accept that:  it would mean "open all the time".

BUT -- because they included the units ("hours"), at the end of the "24/7" -- it now reads "Open 24/7 hours" -- which is 3.43 hours.

That's not very long.


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Nice chuck box

When you're camping -- more "car-camping" than "backpacking" -- it seems like a chuck box would be a nice way to keep everything together.

And, you could probably borrow the designs for a toolbox or portable workstation.

I came across this by accident, when doing a YouTube search.  But, I like it:  nice design.


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