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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

New PC

 Have taken a few photos to share -- but haven't got around to posting them:  been busy; also, our internet was down for about two weeks.

My current PC only has 2GB of RAM (I bought too cheap), so when I tried to edit video it would just lock up.  So I bought a better (used) PC with more RAM:  I just need to install (Mint) Linux and set the rest of it up (and probably some video adaptors:  can have up to three monitors).  I've been accumulating footage -- just need to sit down and edit it (but! have a few tasks I need to do before I'm "allowed" to do that).


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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Film micro-short of three timestreams

Another film micro-short:  fairly abstract this time.

Playing with time-lapse filming (rather than slo-mo), as well as having fun with lighting.

Everything is low-budget:  a $50 "action camera" (i.e. fake GoPro); some battery-powered "shop lights/work lights"; and blue Christmas lights and plstic file folders for the light "gels".

Hat-tip to The Girl for suggesting using time lapse:  I was looking for something different.

The camera was capturing a frame every half-second -- so it took about seven minutes for us to get 30 seconds worth of screen time.



Sunday, July 19, 2020

A box of books

Went through another box from the porch today:  a box of paperback books from The Lady's grandmother's house.  Unfortunately, due to the heat and humidity, some of the covers were stuck to each other.  But at least none of the books had their edges eaten by bugs.

I also started on another box, which has folders of photocopied journal articles -- one folder per criminological theory.  Some of the folders I recycled the whole thing (but first checked the title of each article); for three of the folders I kept three or four articles, but recycled the rest.  Still more to go from that box -- but, some other day.


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Friday, July 10, 2020

Good Song - Regina Spektor "One Little Soldier"

Saw this a few months ago on YouTube, and just came across it again.  A good song (IMO).

One thing that impresses me is that the chorus packs a lot of punch, relative to the verse -- but it's more than just "loud/soft" -- and it doesn't rely on distorted guitars for its power.  So:  good arranging, and mixing; congrats.  :)


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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Bokken telekinesis

Shot the footage back in Oct 2019.  My computer isn't powerful enough for editing video, so I hadn't got around to editing the footage -- but then a few weeks ago I discovered that The Girl likes editing.  Oooh!!!

So:  below. 

Basically, instead of learning how to juggle, I've been trying to teach myself how to channel my "chi" to move objects.  It's coming along.


P.S.  Within the video, I mis-spell "telekinesis".  Ah well. 

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Four more boxes

Four more boxes:

-A box of un-paired socks -- although it turns out that they weren't all un-paired:  I made seven pairs for myself, and five for The Lady; other onesies look familiar, and might have pairs in our current basket of un-paired socks.

-A box apparently from the laundry room:  a plastic yogurt container of about 20 connectors for a "build a cube" set of home storage shelves; a kit for "dry cleaning in your clothes drier"; two plastic bags for "storing clothes compactly by sucking the air out of the bag full of clothes" (they tend to leak, so inflate over time; I cut them open and am using them as dropcloths for messy work); two little kid plastic placemats (put them through they washing machine with the mis-matched socks, then hung up to dry); and a soft-sided insulated shoulder bag, for picnics and such (also put through the washing machine, then hung up to dry). 

-A narrow box with three mostly-empty three-ring binders:  tossed the binders (dirty, rusty, and uses US paper sizes not AU); kept the colored plastic "section dividers" from the larger binder, to use as colored gels (also put through the washing machine, in a separate load, with the un-paired socks). Also had a (stained) dish towel, and an orange unlabelled floppy disk (will destroy and discard).

-The final box was a heartbreaker:  it was mostly drawings I'd done in middle school and high school; unfortunately the bottom of the box had got wet, which attracted termites (wet wood pulp!) -- so most of the drawings were damaged.  Most were largely salvageable, though - or else I didn't care about them.  The box also had a round stained glass of a duck (about the size of a large serving platter; am giving to a friend of The Girl), a plastic thing of my initials that I made years ago; a (damaged) "League of Heroes" pennant I made in middle school or high school (during my "super hero" period); some strands of musical notes that are Christmas tree or party decorations (not worth salvaging); a Ramones postcard that I used to have on the wall (the bottom corner is gone, but will keep the postcard); and three Christian decorative metal etched(?) pictures that were a fad in the early 90s. 

The salvaged drawings are inside, drying on various flat surfaces.  In a few days I'll brush off the dust and grit with a soft brush, and figure out a better way of storing them.


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Monday, June 15, 2020

Completed the one-thirds and shot some footage

A little bit during my lunch break, and the rest after work:  finished the remaining one-thirds of that box of The Lady's project from about 1997.

After work, I shot some footage for Father's Day for my dad, for this coming weekend:  The Girl is using my "good" camera and my "good" tripod (nothing fancy; but it's solid).  But both D4Darious and ponysmasher (YouTube guys that discuss filmmaking) say that you shouldn't let your lack of gear keep you from shooting movies.

So, I used my AU$98 off-brand GoPro, and my AU$15 (not very good) tripod, and shot some slo-mo, backwards footage of the kids. It came out pretty well -- esp. since B1 (Blondie Boy) suggested that it would be more interesting to drop the word cards instead of set them down (like I had envisioned) -- and then The Girl expanded on that by suggesting they throw them up in the air.

The editing was by The Girl, on her computer:  I think I went too cheap with my used PC last time:  it only has 2GB RAM, so even though that's enough for recording and for editing audio, when I try to do video work it seizes up.  I've been meaning to pick up some more (old!) RAM -- but then COVID-19 came around.  Plus, I think the most I could fit in would be 4GB -- and I'd like to shot for at least 8GB.


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