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Thursday, March 16, 2017

A cryptic reminder

This was a note to myself, which I e-mailed from my work account to my gmail account:

Two stoic glances, which I ignored 
The lion’s gate, the train to board 
The horse’s tail, the middle of time 
The dragon’s fire, a whimsy rhyme 

It makes sense to me now -- but will it make sense to me in a decade (if I ever re-read my old blog entries)?

Dunno.  Let's find out.

See you in a decade.


(P.S.  See journal entry for today.  I explain it there.)


Good phrase

The Girl was writing notes for a history test on ancient Greece. For the section on the ancient Olympics, she started to write that they competed in the nude – or rather, “They were in the nude” – but as she was writing it, she changed her mind and wrote “naked”.

So, when I was quizzing her on the content, one of her dot-points was “They were in the naked”.

"In the naked" is a good phrase.

It sounds almost German.


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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Miss the music

Last night I did a hard drive search and dug up a bunch of recordings of my songs that I've done over the years, and converted them to mp3s (most of them pre-date the mp3 format!).

Today I listened to them in the car, on my way to -- and from -- work.  Some of them I'd forgotten that I'd recorded; one of them I'd even forgotten about the song!

And, one of them was a jam I did with two guys from my dorm, at my second university.

That, combined with a version of "Is This Love" which includes Old Roommate on guitar, made me realize that I miss being in a band:  there's something about making something out of nothing, and playing music with other people -- not a cover song, but our own unique creation.

One of the few things that I miss:  I'm oddly "middle", in that I don't get excited about much, but also don't miss much.


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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Reminded just how random life is

Hm!  Today I was reminded just how random life is.

Today I walked past -- and recognized! -- someone who I worked with at my last job, and haven't seen in about five years.

But, the following convergences were required for this to happen:

-I had a blood donation appointment scheduled for the middle of the day -- but I ended up re-scheduling it because due to illness and meetings, I was the only person "on deck" in my team, and I didn't want to leave our area unattended. 

-So then I figured that since I wasn't donating blood that day, during my lunch break, I'd visit a used bookstore near the other end of downtown that I'd been meaning to visit (I hadn't been there in a while).  But I decided I wouldn't do it until my co-worker came back from her lunch break.

-While at the bookstore, I set my smartphone to remind me when it was time to leave, so that I wouldn't take too long of a lunch break.  But I was in the middle of browsing a section, so I lingered a few minutes longer than I intended to. 

-At the last minute, I saw an interesting-looking book sitting on the counter -- so I picked it up, glanced through it, and decided to get it.

-And because I decided to get it, I purchased it at the front counter -- which took a few moments.

All of these combined to make me exit the store at a certain point in time, and pass my former co-worker on the sidewalk:

-If my co-workers' meeting hadn't run long, or if my other co-worker hadn't called in sick, I would've donated blood -- instead of going to the bookstore.

-If my other co-worker had come back from lunch earlier, I would've gone to the bookstore earlier -- and not walked past the former co-workers.

-My deciding to keep browsing, and my noticing and browsing the book, and my decision to purchase it -- all put me on the sidewalk at the correct time to pass by my former co-worker.

So -- kinda neat.  A convergence of elements.

And that's how people -- some people, anyhow -- meet best friends, meet spouses, and etcetera.


nd then, as I exited the


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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Some sort of tradeoff

Yesterday I was more tired than usual (I thought maybe I was coming down with a cold), so I went to bed at the remarkably early time of 8:20pm.  Usually "10pm" is early; my usual bedtime is more like 11pm.

So, I went to bed -- and woke up at about 1:30am.  Or rather, a kid woke me.  Fair enough -- except that I couldn't get properly back to sleep.  Whereas, usually I'm a fairly robust sleeper:  if interrupted, I roll over and immediately fall back asleep.

I drifted in and out -- and then at about 1:45am, I came up with a song idea (both melody and lyrics).  After lying there about five minutes, I figured that I ought to record it, rather than lose it -- so I went and got my cell phone, and sang into the voice recorder function.  Then I put my phone back, and went back to bed.

And then I came up with another line.  Got up; recorded it at 1:48am; back to bed.

Another line; 1:50am; back to bed.

Around this point I just took the phone with me.

1:51:40.  Also 1:51:57.


2:09am.  Also 2:10am.

Long pause.


All of this was contributing to the same song.  So I think I have a complete song now.  In fact, I'll probably have to edit it down and drop the least-strong lyrics:  that's a strong position to be in.    

3:20am, a song concept, in the form of a single line.  I jotted it down in the "Notes" app; will develop it some other time.

Got up at 6:30am.  So, I got 5 + 3 = 8 hours of sleep.  That's enough.  I was a little groggy when I first got up, but I'm fine now.

And it's an acceptable trade-off:  interrupted sleep, in exchange for a full song plus an additional idea.

As an aside:  I'm pretty sure this is called "segmented sleep".  It's perfectly natural.  It happens to me when my sleep needs are "saturated":  when I go to bed late and only get six or seven hours of sleep, it doesn't happen:  I fall asleep almost immediately, and sleep straight through.


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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Flea market finds

Visited a flea market today, and picked up two interesting tools -- although I'm not completely sure what they are.

One is some sort of pliers -- about the size of linesman pliers.  The other is some sort of tongs -- cylindrical wire.  Reminds me of blacksmith's tongs, but much smaller and lighter-weight.  AU$5 each (about US$4).

At the same table, I also picked up a Braille typewrite for AU$10 (US$8).  Obviously, I didn't need it -- but I was intrigued.

Actually, I didn't need the pliers, either.  But I collect interesting hand tools.  And more often than not, I end up using them.


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Monday, February 20, 2017

Some sharpening stones

Hey -- alliteration!  :)

I'm posting these photos as a small favor to a list member on a woodworking e-mail list I belong to.

I've posted them, as well as his descriptions.  As usual, click on the photo to enlarge them.

Image 0399: All Naturals including my Old Hard Black and the Belgian Coticules, shaped Hard Arkansas and India.

Image 0400: Shows the Black Arkansas close up along with the Yellow-Blue Coticule, and the Yellow bonded to what I presume to be slate.

Image 0402: Shows my boxed water stones (6000, a Natural water stone, 1500, 1000), razor hones, ceramics, a diamond, and a mix of boxed and mounted Carborundums and India’s.

Image 0403: 8000 water stone upper left, yet to be determined Natural Arkansas upper right, the rest are all shaped mostly manmade stones.
The three just below the Natural are taper slips, I believe the dark one to be an old really fine India, the white is most likely a Hard Arkansas, only one I‘ve ever run across.

BTW:  niiiice!   :)


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Sunday, February 19, 2017

An inexpensive and secret source of percussion instruments

A few weeks ago I figured out that metal scrapyards (or metal recyclers) are good sources of percussion:  they collect brass and bronze among the other types of metal -- and brass and bronze tend to sound pretty good when struck.

The other neat thing is that they just charge scrap-metal prices if you find anything of interest.  One of the guys there said that they sometimes get actual cymbals -- which they toss in with the rest of the brass and bronze.

Because I work during the week, I'm only able to stop by on Saturdays.

The first time I stopped by, the guy said they had just emptied the "brass and bronze" bin a few days ago -- so it was nearly empty.

I waited a week, and then stopped by the following weekend.  Gah!  Same deal.

So, I resolved to stop by every Saturday.

Thus, two weekends ago -- the first of my "regular visits" -- I scored some flat metal rings (future windchimes?), as well as two sturdy metal pipes with external threads (see video).  And yesterday, I picked up a thin-walled capped pipe, which sounds a bit like an agogo, but also like a cowbell (also in video).

The threaded pipes were about AU$7 each (about US$5.60), and the thing-walled one cost me AU$5 (about US$4).  I may keep 'em; I may mount them on wood to make them part of a drum kit, then sell them.

Anyhow, raiding metal recycling places is a new source of percussion instruments for me.  But:  be sure to wear old clothes; you might get a little greasy or dirty, rummaging around.

And bring a drumstick -- for testing purposes.


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