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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cymbal test at the Trading Musician in Seatle

I was reviewing a stash of old (digital) photos that Old Roommate had given to me when I last visited the U.S., and came across this video clip again.

This is footage that he shot of me in late November in 2013 at my favorite "used instrument" shop in Seattle.  They had a bunch of cracked cymbals that they were surplussing at a steep discount, so I was testing a few to see which I'd take home with me to Australia.

Cymbals are made of metal, so they're kind of heavy -- so I wanted to limit which ones I took with me in my suitcase.


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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Review of Earth to Echo

We had family movie night again.  Technology Boy's choice, and he chose Earth to Echo from the pile.

Three best friends (middle school aged?) who live in the same neighborhood are gong to be separated, because their neighborhood is going to be bulldozed to make way for a freeway interchange.  And then they have the adventure of a lifetime because they discover a little robot alien thing (this isn't a spoiler, as it's pretty obvious from the promotions for the movie).

Good family fare:  if there was any swearing it was pretty low-key.

The beginning was a little slow -- but not bad.  It was of the "found footage" style, so the jiggly hand-held camcorder footage made The Girl a little nauseous. 

But, yeah:  worth watching once.  Although it's not a "must see"; more like "If you're casting about for something to watch -- why not?"   :)



Review of the movie Christmas Eve

This afternoon I finished watching the movie Christmas Eve.  Although Wikipedia said that it got mediocre reviews, I thought it was pretty good:  not brilliant -- but certainly enjoyable, and continuously engaging throughout.

Basically, it's Christmas eve and five groups of people get stuck in elevators in New York City due to a localized power outage.  It has shades of Love, Actually, in that it turns out that many of them are inter-connected across struck elevators (e.g. son and father; married couples).

There was possibly some swearing -- but I don't remember.

No memorable scenes to the extent that I'm going to run out and buy the DVD.  But, yeah:  worth watching.



Thursday, December 01, 2016

Review of Alex and Eve

I rented the Australian-made movie Alex and Eve, which is about a guy from a Greek Orthodox family, and a gal from a Lebanese Muslim family, who meet and fall in love.  It's set in Sydney, I believe.

As noted on the back of the DVD case, it's somewhat "Romeo and Juliet".  I thought that the ethnic and religious depictions (and the Sydney-ish ethnic accents) seemed plausible (to the extent that I know about such things).  Likewise, the difficulty of falling in love across religious and ethnic lines, when both sets of parents are first-generation immigrants and deep into their religions and cultures.

However, I thought that the final ten(?) minutes lost a lot of that, and sacrificed plausibility for a happy ending:  I'm don't think that there would be any "happy ending" possible in the situation depicted in the movie.  (Note: Yeah, that's kind of a spoiler. But were you really expecting a non-happy ending in a rom-com...???)

Still:  a good movie.  I was always engaged, and never bored.

A noticeable amount of swearing, and some talking about sex.

Very glad I rented it -- but there weren't any "memorable scenes" that I'd watch over and over -- so I won't bother buying it.



Saturday, November 26, 2016

Review of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

So, we watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel tonight for Family Movie Night.  It was The Girl's turn, and her choice -- although it was just a mild preference (we're running low on movies that interest her).  But:  she liked the movie.

The movie is about seven retirement-aged Brits who, for one reason or another -- but for most of them, financial - they retire to a retirement home in India (because it's cheaper than remaining in the UK).  A subplot is that the hotel manager -- who (as near as I can tell) inherited the failed hotel from his father, although his brothers are co-owners -- is trying to make it a success, even though his enthusiasm outstrips his business abilities.

Good acting, good dialogue, well-made; a good story.

Totally worth watching.

I think there was some bad language.



Thursday, November 10, 2016

I guess it is summer

I think it's now the first day of "functional" summer:  I've had sweat rolling off me since I got home.

It's now about 9:50pm:  am wearing cutoff sweatpants and no shirt; still too hot for comfort.

The air is thick as I breathe it.

I need to fire up the fans (an oxymoron?).




Saturday, November 05, 2016

Two more neckties

Two more neckties:  the first was from 31 Oct, and the other was from Friday (yesterday).

As I've mentioned before, I like to push the boundaries as far as what "goes together".  Wearing a patterned tie with a plain shirt, or a plain tie with a patterned shirt, isn't very interesting.

The second is often my "Friday shirt":  the pattern is of eucalyptus tree flowers.  I reasoned that the pink in the flowers corresponds to the pink in the necktie.  And maybe it does.

It probably helps that no one except the grand-high boss actually wears neckties (Queensland is a fairly casual state).  So the fact that I'm actually wearing a necktie is a "bonus".


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My review of Doctor Strange

Well, I finally saw my first 3-D movie: Doctor Strange.

I liked it: not my most favorite movie ever – but a perfectly decent movie. And the “magical realms”, “other dimensions” scenes were well-suited to 3-D.

Go see it on the big screen (rather than at home), in 3-D, if you can.

Enjoyed it while I saw it; but won't be seeing it again (i.e. no “memorable scenes”).

Also: I learned that if you go out to see a movie, and you've just eaten a quarter watermelon all by yourself, you ought to visit the restroom before going into the theater. Otherwise you'll have to leave midway, and possibly miss an important scene.

BTW:  (1) Best casting since Hugh Jackman for Wolverine; (2) great American accent by an English actor!



Sunday, October 30, 2016


I spent most of today being cameraman for a school project by The Girl:  for her Japanese class they needed to prepare some food item, and describe the process in Japanese.

Nothing super fancy:  her digital camera; my tripod.

She wrote out the script; I set up the shots (The Girl defined the scenes, but I framed the shots); and The Girl did all the editing.

It actually turned out really well -- and reinforced my notion that someday I want to shoot a film short, as well as a few music videos.

It's somewhere in the queue.

We both had a nice time, I think.  Got to spend some time together on a mutual task. :)


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