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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

End of an era

Last night was Tuesday -- cheap night (a buck ninety-five!) at the local DVD rental place.  Nice salesfolk, too.

Turns out they're shutting down.  Hard to make a go of a DVD rental store -- too many people streaming movies (both legally and illegally), or doing them online mail rentals.

That's a pain:  the one that's about two miles further out closed down about a year ago.  There might be a DVD rental place in the other direction.  Dunno.

Looks like were gonna have to rent online now.

Ah well.  Technology.

Looks like our kids won't be working part-time at a DVD rental store (and getting us family discounts!), after all.  Shucks.


(Note:  I might have the year wrong.  For some reason I put off posting this. So it might be 2012, or 2013 -- or 2011?)

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Monday, September 03, 2012

Gluten free food

On gluten-free food:
Gluten-free food that's not bread or cakes or cookies aren't bad -- things that inherently don't have gluten (like tortillas). But it's hard to make gluten-free baked goods.

My personal witticism is to call them "glutton free": You eat one, then think "Nah -- that's enough."


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