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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gotta ask the right question

While coming back from my lunch break (mostly, just walking around downtown), I saw two tourist-types looking lost. Asked them if they needed help, and they asked me if there was a Commonwealth Bank nearby. I told them there was -- on the ground floor of my office building -- and offered to bring them there.

So, I guided them there -- about five blocks away. Got there -- then they asked where the nearby Burger King was, as they were supposed to meet a friend there.

Ah. The only Burger King I knew of was about a block away from where they **had** been standing -- and about six blocks from where they now were. There might -- or might not -- have been a Commonwealth Bank near that Burger King.

The lesson, I suppose, is to ask the the right question in order to get the desired result. In this instance, to ask for the **primary** landmark -- not the landmark that helps you find the **real** landmark. Especially if the auxillary landmark isn't a unique identifier.




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