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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Using up the Easter chocolate

We have a 5yo daughter and two 2yo sons. My wife’s family has a custom of all the kids receiving a bag of Easter candy from each household. So, each of my kids got four bags of candy and chocolate (including the bag from us).

That’s a lot of chocolate – esp. for the two year olds. So, we have a fair surplus of Easter chocolate -- much of it being of only moderate quality, due to (I suspect) some sort of waxy additive that minizes the bunnies melting on store shelves.

Thus, I've found that you can use up chocolate by breaking it up and stirring it into your oatmeal, instead of raisins.

Sometime here, I should also make a batch of modified chocolate-chip cookies – using smashed chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies for the chips.



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