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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The robustness of old wood

Back in late June of 2015, my church cut off substantial portions a major section of a leopard tree on the church grounds.

I grabbed a few of the larger pieces -- but because I didn't have time to slab them (by hand!) at the time, I put them in my kids' wading pool and filled it with water.

And now, late December of 2016 -- so, literally a year and a half later -- I finally slabbed the last one!

I had them soaking in water to "stop the clock" and this gave me time to slab 'em: I have a one person crosscut saw that I re-filed to rip -- but it still takes me about a half hour per slice to slab them.

I was pleased that none of them rotted. **No** splitting or checking occurred in the interim.

Here's a snapshot of the yechy-looking outside (blue garden hose for size reference)...

and the purty-looking inside (after a few swipes of sandpaper and a quick rub of oil).

Note that I scrubbed off the "pond gunk" with a wire brush prior to sawing -- leaned the log up against something for a few hours to dry, prior to sawing.

I'm just offering this experience as a data point for anyone who has a chunk of wood that they want to "put on hold" for a while.

If you don't have a wading pool, I presume an old ice chest, a dis-used garbage can, and etc. would also work.


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