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Friday, October 23, 2015

Good bone news

VERY good news:  we visited the specialist today, and it turns out that my shoulder was already back in position, and the broken bone was actually more like a greenstick fracture.

The Lady says that the doctor at the ER was not a native speaker of English (some sort of Eastern European accent?) -- which I hadn't noticed, as I was otherwise preoccupied.  So when he told us that "the end of my collarbone had broken off", he was incorrect.

So, no surgery necessary (good; surgery always carries risks, e.g. infection).  However, it turns out that I will always have a lump on my shoulder.  I had resigned myself to a scar, but not to the permanent bone lump and asymmetry that I'll have -- but the doctor said that I'd have the lump regardless of whether I had surgery (with a metal plate) or not.  So it took me a while to adjust to that shift in my body image and body structure.

Anyhow:  no surgery -- which is good, because it's less intrusive (risky), and less costly, and (presumably) a faster recovery time.

Also, it turns out that I could've gone back to work this week, after all.

So, back to work on Monday.

Despite my injury, it was kind of nice having a week away.  I was bored all to heck -- but I took a lot of naps.


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