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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dreamed I had not graduated

Hm!  Every few months I dream that I haven't finished college. 

Last night was a variation on that theme:  I was working at my current job (crunching data for the state government), but also was going back to college to finish my B.A.  My first question was:  what to major in.  After some deliberation, I decided on Sociology and Psychology -- which is what I had actually done in real life.

The second decision (which was actually premature, given that I had a few years until graduating!) was what would I do for a job?  In the dream, I suddenly realized that I could just keep my current job (crunching data), and either work part-time or take a leave of absence.

Yeah -- not very exciting.  Mostly I'm just logging that, yeah, I had yet another "actually haven't finished college" dream.

I'm in my mid 40s.  Maybe someday I'll stop having these sorts of dreams.




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