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Monday, January 30, 2012

Kerbside treasures

So, last weekend I was thinking that I really ought to mount the grinding wheel that I received for Christmas onto some sort of stand or mini-workbench -- I need some lumber.

And also that I have some plants that need re-potting.

Luckily, it was ''put your weird oversized junk out on the curb" week!

Scored a batch of lumber (see photo); the table it's on...

...and a bunch of pots, a laundry basket (will use it in my workshop to hold scrap lumber), and a pink frisbee...

...a pair of deck chairs (it's a pretty simple fix: just buy some canvas, hem the edges, and nail them to the end-bars of the chairs)...

...and a pair of large stereo speakers that I will cannibalize and turn into speakers for a guitar amplifier.

Free stuff!!!


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