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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A productive weekend

Saturday and Sunday were productive -- but in different ways.

Did the usual errands and groceries on Saturday. Forget what I did in the afternoon (besides a load or two of laundry) -- but spent a few hours in the evening watching two discs worth of Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory (borrowed from my brother-in-law). I had some other stuff I meant to do that evening -- but figured lying in bed with my sweetie and laughing together was also important.

Today, went to church, then came home and did a bunch of miscellaneous. Did a perimeter check of the entire house, for termite trails up the sides of the bricks. Supposed to do this quarterly, but I haven't. Also unpacked three boxes of "miscellaneous" from the front porch -- still have about eight boxes to go -- boxes untouched from when we moved in.

Also finished sawing a small log in half, to minimize splittage as is dries. Eventually, I use that wood as lumber for some woodworking project or another.

Also sawed off another limb off a dead tree that I need to take down. The wood in an interesting color, so I'm saving the wood for future projects (see above).

I also converted a one-person crosscut saw into a **very** long rip saw. The teeth still need a bit of tidying, though. I'll post more about this when I finish (perhaps next week?).

And then: just before the kids' bedtime, **finally** (been trying for three days) got to play guitar with some effects pedals. The kids tweaked the knobs, while I played misc. on the guitar.

Oh: and cranked through about four loads of laundry today.

So: a very productive weekend. No additional trench digging, or shifting of gravel. Probably next weekend.

Also tonight, will take a look at a friend's small business data, to look for patterns.


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