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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The best of the best

This is possibly my favorite episodes of one of my all-time favorite t.v. shows: "The Linguist" (yay, YouTube!), from the t.v. show Cupid.

Some of my formerly favorite t.v. shows (e.g., The Greatest American Hero) haven't aged well -- or maybe **I** haven't aged well. But Cupid still tickles me to death.

This was episode two of a really promising t.v. series that, sadly, only lasted one season -- possibly because its fast-paced, witty dialogue was not accompanied by a laugh track. Even sadder, it's not available on DVD. I'm waiting for Jeremy Piven to get **super** famous, so that the t.v. studios drag from the vaults everything he's ever been in and dump it all onto DVD.

Wikipedia article on Cupid (t.v. show, 1998) here.


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