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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My most expensive tie ever

The weekend before Mother's Day, I went to an antique mall that we used to go to, to find some gifts for The Lady. Came across this tie (see photo). Twenty bucks: the most expensive tie that I've ever bought.

Hemmed and hawed over it. Finally decided to get it, because it's paisley (I like paisley), and a **really** nice color of blue. And because I knew that I'd regret not getting it, and probably have to make a special trip back to get it.

By the way: I know that it looks like I've suspended the tie over a toilet bowl. But it's just a sink.

Speaking of ties: I'm still doing my "one tie a day at work, never repeating". Started doing this at the end of January.

As of a few days ago, I had about 40 ties left. Now that I'm not wearing ties on "casual Fridays", that's four ties a week. So, I still have ten weeks of tie-wearing before I start repeating myself.

That's a lotta ties.


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