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Monday, April 26, 2010

Captain Crash, where are you?

Paging ''Captain Crash'', AKA Kevin Adams or Kevin G. Adams. Wondering where the drummer guy has gone.

Posting this, as I'm hoping that (eventually) he'll Google his own name, and this entry will come up.

I've tried Googling his name, myself, but no valid hits.

Hoping all is well, and just wanting to get back in touch with you -- in part, in case some of our old ''Quiet Storm'' songs get re-released and we make a bazillion dollars in royalties.

Plus: I'd like to cover ''Rose in the Sand'' -- although my ''Songs to Cover'' list is pretty danged long. Would just like to have your permission. ;)

Anyhow, if you see this, leave some sort of contact detail in the Comments section. If you want me to then delete your comment, please specify.


--Gye Greene (bassist for the defunct band Quiet Storm, from Seattle)


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