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Sunday, June 03, 2007

My comic book stash

My 15yo(??) neice wanted to borrow some of my old X-Men comics: she's doing some sort of in-class presentation (or written report?) on a modern-day pop culture fictional character. So, even though my stash of comic books wasn't completly handy, I dug thru the stack o' boxes on the veranda 'til I found my comic book boxes.

Of course, they weren't labeled on the outside -- so I had to un-shrinkwrap them (shrinkwrapped during the international move -- back in 2003!).

After I found the relevant comics, I took a tape measure and measured the length of all my comic book boxes: 3.1 linear meters! (about 9.8 feet!) So, that's how much bookshelf space all my comic books, from my younger years, would take up.

And that's not counting most of my graphic novels... or the foot or so of comics I've picked up over the last ten(?) years.

Not bad. :)



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