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Gye Greene's Thoughts (w/ apologies to The Smithereens and their similarly-titled album!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Good music for winter mood

Both at Uni and at home, typing with the window open. Cool, chill air. And I'm sleep-deprived and therefore a little bit dull and fuzzy in the head (massively conducive to writing a Dissertation!). ;)

During the last few months, I've been cycling through my CD collection. Today, been listening to the Take off Your Pants and Jacket album by Blink-182. Not sure what it is about the production values (the wash of electric guitars and the subtle chorusing f/x on the vocals?), but it blends perfectly with the crisp air and my mental state: fuzzy desperation. (Hm! ANOTHER good band/album name! "Hello, Chicago! We're Fuzzy Desperation!!!")

Anyhow, for all you college students out there, check out the album when the end of Winter term rolls around. Very suitable.




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