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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Two and a half more boxes

Went through two and a half more boxes from the porch.

-One was a small collection of gardening things:  a hose spray nozzle, a black plastic pot, a larger pot, a box of "plant food" powder inside the larger pot; one pair of gardening gloves (unused; still on the store cardboard hangtag), about four pairs of used gardening gloves, a short rope, a small pair of (slightly rusty) scissors, and a plastic gardening trowel.  All would have been from the house immediately before this one -- about twelve years ago.

-One that had notes from a project I worked on about 2002; and class notes from The Lady's graduate-level classes in 1997 and 1998:  all of which got recycled.

-I'm about two-thirds of the way through a larger box, with a bunch of binders, plus file folders, and some bound government publications -- all from the late '90s.  Everything in the box thus far is either a government publication (twenty years out of date; probably available online as a PDF), or else notes and paperwork from a project that The Lady worked on around 1997 or 1998.

I'm about two (and a third) boxes away from being able to sweep off that section of the porch -- for the first time in years!  Currently it has bits of dried leaves -- plus those boxes; and some chunks of week that have been "seasoning" for five or eight years.


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