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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Review of Earth to Echo

We had family movie night again.  Technology Boy's choice, and he chose Earth to Echo from the pile.

Three best friends (middle school aged?) who live in the same neighborhood are gong to be separated, because their neighborhood is going to be bulldozed to make way for a freeway interchange.  And then they have the adventure of a lifetime because they discover a little robot alien thing (this isn't a spoiler, as it's pretty obvious from the promotions for the movie).

Good family fare:  if there was any swearing it was pretty low-key.

The beginning was a little slow -- but not bad.  It was of the "found footage" style, so the jiggly hand-held camcorder footage made The Girl a little nauseous. 

But, yeah:  worth watching once.  Although it's not a "must see"; more like "If you're casting about for something to watch -- why not?"   :)




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