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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Movie review of Lost in Translatoin

On Monday, 8/31, I finished watching Lost in Translation.

Bill Murray plays an actor who's in Japan for a week to shoot a few commercials and do some promotional activities.  He's feeling a bit lost in life, and lost in Japan.

He befriends Scarlett Johansson, who's married to a photographer who basically ditches her at the hotel while he goes off an a series of photo shoots.

So, they're both at the same Japanese hotel.  The movie is basically two lost souls, crossing paths.

It's a quiet movie.  Nothing hilarious, but a few mildly amusing bits.

The sort of movie you could watch at two in the morning -- it has that late-night kinds of feel.

Some cussing (I think), and a few sexual situations and some brief nudity.  No violence that I remember.

I think that if you're middle-aged -- or just feeling a bit lost in life -- it'll appeal to you.




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