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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I still like She's Out of My League

Last night I meant to watch just a little bit of She's Out of My League on DVD, while eating dinner (the rest of the family had already eaten) -- and ended up watching the whole thing again, and staying up past my bedtime.

I do like that movie.  There is a lot of bad language -- and a few fairly direct (but not quite!) sexual references.

But:  it's rather sweet, with good acting (IMO), some good lines, and it's a nice modern-day fairytale about a nerdy but nice guy ending up with a highly attractive woman -- who (refreshingly) is also a nice person, with intelligence, gumption, and wit, rather than just an empty shell.

The Lady -- correctly -- notes that there aren't a lot of "plain-looking gals winning the hearts of hot guys" movies.  Although The Truth About Cats and Dogs may come close.


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