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Monday, December 29, 2014

Lost my pens

We went out to a movie this afternoon -- and in the process I managed to lose all three of the pens that I keep in my pocket.

I hate being without a pen, so I always carry a pen or two in my right front pocket.  Usually I'll have a colored pen (green, or maybe red), for underlining in magazines that I read, and also a black or dark blue pen for writing.

And, as I've mentioned before, I actually bought a six dollar pen that writes really smoothly -- because I actually can feel the difference as I write, and I write in my notebook nearly every day.

So, I had the "nice" pen (blue ink), a green ball-point pen, and a dual-tip pen (red, black).  We were early to the movie, so I read my book while the kids used my pens to fill in a "kids' activities" sheet.  B2 finished early and handed his pen to me -- but because the other two kids were still writing, and because sometimes they like to vary their colors, I put my pen back on the table.

And then The Lady said that it was time to go see the movie, so I stood up (with my book) and walked off.

It wasn't until after the movie, when we had stopped off for burgers and I reached into my pocket for a pen, that I realized that they were still on the table at the movie theater.  Gah.

I went back and looked -- but they were all gone.  I asked one of the movie theatre employees if perhaps someone had turned them in, but figured that someone would've just picked them up and put them in her purse.  But she checked their Lost and Found, anyhow.  Nope.

She said that they wouldn't have thrown them away, because they're always running out of pens.

So, at least they didn't end up in the bin:  someone, somewhere, is getting some use out of them.

It bothers me because that was probably nine dollars worth of pens (and I hate losing nine dollars), and because I had actually selected those pens to be -- if not "optimized", at least "better than the other options".  So they weren't just "any old pens".

So, I'm a little bummed -- but I'll get over it.


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