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Saturday, July 05, 2014

The type of rag

During the weekend I like to accomplish things -- tasks large and small.

One of the things I did was to re-organize the rags in my shop.  Yes indeedy.

Previously, I had two categories of rags:  "large" and "small".  But, upon reflection, this didn't correspond to how I actually use my rags.

So:  I dumped them into a pile, and sorted them into three categories.

In the photo, the shoe is just there as a size reference...

-The yellow and white yogurt container is an example of what I keep the rags in.  Once container per size.

-The largest rags are for covering -- that is, as dust covers.  For example, when my electric drill isn't being used, I place a larger rag over it -- just to minimize dust getting into the vents.  I figure, "why not".

-The medium-sized rags are for wiping:  for example, when I'm doing a lot of sharpening with waterstones, I wipe the chisels off with a rag of this size.

-The smallest rags are for applying finish to projects, such as paint, boiled linseed oil, or tung oil/Danish oil.  I tend to fold it in half the long way, then fold it over once and dip the folded end in the liquid.

Ahh... yep.  :)


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