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Sunday, June 29, 2014

That is a disappointment

The Lady is away on a business trip, and the kids are on vacation -- so I took Thursday and Friday of this recent week, plus Monday and Tuesday of this week, to look after the kids.

I had **also** hoped to build my Swamp Guitar (kind of a "cigar box banjo") during that period:  I mean, six days in a row of workshop time, right?

Well, unfortunately, no.  I've actually spent time with the kids -- taking them to the park, taking them to a birthday party, running errands.  Dad things.  So really, it hasn't been four full days of shop time.

And, to complete my project by Tuesday, I would have had to finish each day with a glue-up -- and that didn't happen.  Obviously, each time I glue a portion of my project, that's the end of the shift.  It's Sunday night, now, and I reckon I have at least four more glue-ups to do.

So, I've switched gears:  during daylight hours (when I wasn't out with the kids) I've been partly working on the Swamp Guitar; during the evenings I've been tidying things around the house, in preparation of The Lady's return.  But now that I know it ain't gonna happen, I'll re-orient myself more towards tidying the house.

My fear is that my Swamp Guitar will become yet another partially-finished project. 

But, hopefully I can work on it one afternoon per weekend, and get it done in about a month.


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At July 01, 2014 1:23 PM, Anonymous Dave'ola said...

On the bright side, when your kids look back on their childhood, instead of memories of Dad engrossed in projects and unavailable, they'll remember that Dad was involved and connected with them. One is priceless and a two-way memory shared between family members; the other one is indeed nifty but the memories only flow from one direction.

At July 02, 2014 1:50 AM, Blogger Gye Greene said...

Heh! Or maybe they'll remember both: Gee, Dad spent a lot of time in the shed -- but also hung out with us once in a while. ;)



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