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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Darndest thing

Last week was my second Krav Maga class.  Different instructor -- the first one was just subbing -- and we had a tougher opening workout.  Not brutal -- but we had to do several brisk laps around the gym, which  made me realize that I'm out of shape in terms of running.

(I do a moderate amount of walking -- but I haven't run more than a few yards in years and yeas.  I'm OK with most forms of exercise -- but I've never liked running (or sit-ups).)

So, at the end of the class the instructor said that it's up to us, but he recommends putting in some work on our own time, or else our in-class exercises aren't going to get any easier.  I can believe that.

I've learned that for my own body, at least, my body starts to adapt to exercise in two or three days.  So I've started doing some light jogging -- mostly jog a bit, walk a bit -- in front of my house.  Done it twice since the last class -- and allowing a full day of rest before the next class.

I don't enjoy it -- but I'm hoping the investment in discomfort now will save me some discomfort later.  I'm enjoying the Krav classes except for the jogging -- but it's part of the package, so whatever I can do to make it less unpleasant during that part of class...

The jogging went well enough.  Oddly, my quads are fine -- but after I got done with my run my butt was sore. So I guess running -- or at least, the way **I** do it -- uses the butt muscles a lot.  Hm!

The butt-soreness may be due to the slight incline along my street.  It's subtle enough that you don't notice it while driving -- but you sure do while running!  I reckon it's a five degree incline.  And I tried to have my "walking" segments going downhill, and my "jogging" segments uphill.

We'll see if my exercising makes the warm-ups for this next Krav class any easier.


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At April 03, 2014 12:52 AM, Blogger Iltis Wiesel said...

Good on ya! Back when I started Krav, it was only once a week. I started doing a few pushups and situps at work and going for jogs during the week just so the conditioning at practice wouldn't feel quite so brutal. (I was horribly out of shape at this time.)


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