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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Old buildings

I don't like old buildings enough to be an architect.  But I like old buildings enough to like old buildings.

I discovered this building today, across the street from the training center where I'm taking an ''Advanced Excel'' class.

I feel sorry for it.  The soot stains (I presume) above the top-story windows suggests a fire.  The entire bottom front is boarded up.  So, I'm guessing that that at some point there was a fire, which made it unsuitable for use, without major repairs.  But because (I'm guessing) it's a ''historical'' building, it can't just be knocked down.

So, there it sits.

I wish I had some government-issued authority to explore the interior of any building I wished.  That would be neat-o.

One of these days I should find out how to get building permits (or some-such) from the building.  If I can't explore buildings, at least maybe I could look at the floor plans.


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