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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Magic stomach

One of my super-abilities is the ability to take a nap just about any time, any place.  I tap in to this when I travel:  I get on the plane, doze off -- and magically arrive at my destination.

Unfortunately, I also tend to do this in the car -- which means I don't know where anything is in town, because my wife does most of the driving (hometown girl!).  Despite having lived here for ten years.

My other super-ability is having a pretty big gap between satiation (i.e. ''I'm no longer hungry'') and being actually **full**.

For example:  Today my co-workers and I went out to lunch at a Japanese place.  I ordered the udon noodles and beef -- basically, a fairly large bowl o' noodle soup.  When the server delivered it to my end of the table, she also gave me a large bowl of rice with teriyaki beef on top.  ''Wow,'' I thought to myself.  ''I didn't know that it came with rice.  That's a good value for money.''

Since the soup was kinda hot, I started in on the rice and teriyaki.  I was about halfway through when I overheard my colleague, at the other end of the table, comment that her order of teriyaki rice had never arrived.  Oops.

I apologized, and said that I thought it had just been part of my meal.  She said that was fine:  the server has assumed that it was their error, and was bringing out a replacement.

After I finished the teriyaki rice, I wasn't hungry any more.  But neither was I **full**.  So I turned to my noodle soup -- a complete ''lunch'' by itself.  And I finished the whole thing.

And a can of orange soda.

And then that afternoon, at work, I was a bit peckish.  So I had a few handfuls of cashews.

My co-workers at my old job sometimes wondered how I'm not the size of a house.  The reason is that I don't eat like that **all** the time -- only at work, when there's leftover food that I think might go to waste.

Most of the time, I don't eat that much.


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