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Friday, June 01, 2012

Geeky items

A shop I really enjoy is Jaycar:  they're a local electronics and technology store (their slogan:  ''Better.  More technical.''), which sells various gizmos and test equipment (oscilloscopes!) and components (bins o' resistors, capacitors, switches...).

I have an idea for modifying my electric guitar, so I picked up a four-pole rotary switch.  I also picked up for a very reasonable price a mercury switch (see left), which is an on/off switch that is triggered by its position:  the blob of mercury either touches the two terminals to complete the circuit, or else it doesn't.

And, I picked up two photoresistors of different resistance levels.  (Photoresistors that have less resistance when light is hitting them.  Neat-o!)  I'm not certain specifically what I'll do with them, but I thinking along the lines of adding a selector switch to my guitar to engage/disengage the photoresistor 'loop', and rig up some sort of light-dependent tone control.

It'll be several months before I actually hack my guitar -- gotta finish the chicken coop, first!  And then make a shelter for my various stashes of wood. 

But I'll post some pics of the completed, road-warrior-ed guitar, once I've modded it.


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