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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Geeky diversity

I have a lot of interests, and not a lot of time.  Which, I suppose, means that I desperately need to win the lottery so I can work half-time (I don't think I'd **quit** work -- just scale back my hours) and actually indulge in my various interests.

One of my dad's bits of wisdom is that ''you can only spend money once''.  In other words, it's zero-sum:  you can buy five lattes **or** a CD.  So, I try to prioritize my purchases, based on what would be the most fun, useful, interesting; what would actually be used immediately, rather than purchased and then sit in the queue, **waiting** to be used.

So, **normal** people have one main hobby, and that's what they throw their disposible income at:  football tickets and fan paraphernalia; golfing gear; fishing gear; car stuff...

I have ''battling interests''.  Should I buy a AU-to-U.S. voltage converter, so that I can use my American-voltage recording gear -- or should I buy a decent, rest-of-my-life lathe (see left)?  Should I buy a basic (single-trace) oscilloscope from Jaycar for around $150 -- or an entry-level (but of adequate quality) drill press?  I could attend the local Black Crane style of kung fu, twice a week -- or I could devote the same time to recording my songs, and spend three months' of class fees on a ribbon microphone.

And there's a pretty groovy vocoder-synth I've had my eye on.  Although it's equivalent to a year's worth of slushies.

At the moment, the answer is ''none of the above'' -- because I'm having a hard enough time just squeeing some some guitar time, and I haven't recorded with the few tools I **have** for a few months, now.  And I don't have the time to install a lathe, let alone a drill press.

Time, time, time.


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