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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rotating desktop

Every day for the last fortnight or so (''two weeks'', for you Yanks), I've put a new photo on my computer ''desktop'' at work. I do a Google image search, choose the pic I like, and ''save as'' to my desktop.

I started off doing bands that I like: Devo, Buddy Holly, The Smithereens, The Cars, Material Issue...

Then I did actors: Jackie Chan, Jimmy Durante, the Marx Brothers.

Then t.v. shows: Burn Notice, Cupid, Joan of Arcadia.

I found it interesting that none of my co-workers could identify Jimmy Durante or the Marx Brothers. Maybe they didn't make it across the pond...

On my ''to do'' list: Young Einstein, Scott Pilgrim, The Crow, The State, The Princess Bride, How I Met Your Mother, MASH, Ed.


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