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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Restoration of mojo

A few years ago I bought a green Stratocaster-shaped electric guitar with dual humbuckers. I bought it, used, at a pawn shop. Usually I try out a musical instrument before buying it -- but this one was (if I recall) AU$115 (that's a good price), and was structurally sound -- so I figured that even if the electronics needed repair, the inexpensive price was worth the labor.

Well, I got it home, and I couldn't get my guitar cable into the hole. Popped off the access plate in the back, and discovered that someone had jammed black rubber into the hole. Or at least some sort of black hard substance -- maybe construction adhesive? Regardless, I'd have to replace the input jack before I could use it.

Again, this was a few years back.

On July 23rd of this year, I bought a replacement input jack for my green electric guitar.

And then it took until December 6th or so for me to actually make the repair.

Once I made the repair, I discovered that the pickup selector was wonky. Or maybe it was one of the pickups. Either way, the three positions did this: bridge pickup only; bridge pickup only (instead of both pickups); neck pickup, but about 10% of the volume of the bridge pickup.

I had another look at the electronics, but it's hard to get around in there (everything's crammed in). And the pickup selector switch is installed in such a way that it's gonna be **really** hard to remove.

So, I've decided to just leave it. I did a comparison with my fake Telecaster, and despite the fake Tele having single-coils, the green guitar's bridge humbuckers sound fuller, yet brighter than the Tele. Although it could because of the fresh strings on the green guitar.

Regardless, after fixing the input jack I rocked out for the next three evenings in a row with the green guitar. After Gypsy, my very first electric guitar, was lost in a burglary in 2004, I've not felt "the mojo" with another guitar: other guitars have been **functional** -- but didn't have the "pizang".

This one does. :)


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