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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Best 45 bucks I ever spent

I enjoy guitar effects pedals -- but they run off 9-Volt batteries, and that's a pain in the patootie.

It's hard to get into the battery compartment of most guitar pedals. Rechargeable 9V batteries don't last very long. Non-rechargeable batteries are non-cheap, and it's un-environmental to crank though them.

After mucking around with rechargeable 9V batteries (and running out of power at inopportune moments), I finally decided to pick up some "wall wart" power supplies (as shown). Decided to get three of them, as Jaycar has a price break when you get three or more ($15-ish, versus $17-ish).

Took 'em home, plugged 'em in, tried it out: Ahhhhhh....!!!



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