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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Other job app still pending

Grr!!! This is my second attempt at posting this, as BlogSpot glitched when I tried posting, and I lost the entry. Still: it's a free service. :)

Phoned the HR folks at the govt. agency downtown, to ask them the status of the hiring process for the two positions I applied for. Closing date was Apr. 11th, so it's been almost exactly a month. Justified my inquiry by saying that I just received a job offer from another organization.

Nice HR person said that they'd had some difficulties in convening the hiring committee. I asked if it was because the new Research Director had just started; she confirmed. Makes sense, as the new Director would want a hand in hiring the people she supervises.

The nice HR person said it would be a week, maybe a fortnight ("two weeks", for you Yanks) before they determined the shortlist. She apologized for the awkward position it put me in.

So, I guess I'll wait.

At least I'm in a comfortable position: a good job "in the hand", versus the possibility of an even better job. :)



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