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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Review of Reign Over Me

Reign Over Me, with Adam Sandler. Never heard of it – but the cover looked interesting; the synopsis on the back seemed okay; and: two bucks.

I often watch the DVD “making of” specials first, if I don't have time to watch the full movie at the time. So last night I watched the special features and figured, “Eh”. I wasn't impressed – but I figured, well, I'd already bought the DVD (two bucks!) – may as well watch it.

So today (Saturday), I put it on after my decadent nap, as I had a late lunch. Figured I'd just watch a half hour or so, then head outside to do some yardwork.

Nope: I ended up getting sucked in. Got sucked in, couldn't stop.

So, yeah – a good movie. Very much worth watching.

A few sexual references, and a fair amount of cussing. But: it totally hooked me; I laughed quite a few times; and I cried twice. So, yeah. Good. I recommend.

No specific scenes that I plan on rewinding to and viewing, however. But still: I liked it.

Oh! What it's about: a New York guy who lost his wife and kids in the 9-11 attacks is living life in a stupor, and he runs into his old college roommate who feels somewhat trapped by his marriage – and who (it turns out) doesn't actually have any friends.




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