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Saturday, November 05, 2016

My review of Doctor Strange

Well, I finally saw my first 3-D movie: Doctor Strange.

I liked it: not my most favorite movie ever – but a perfectly decent movie. And the “magical realms”, “other dimensions” scenes were well-suited to 3-D.

Go see it on the big screen (rather than at home), in 3-D, if you can.

Enjoyed it while I saw it; but won't be seeing it again (i.e. no “memorable scenes”).

Also: I learned that if you go out to see a movie, and you've just eaten a quarter watermelon all by yourself, you ought to visit the restroom before going into the theater. Otherwise you'll have to leave midway, and possibly miss an important scene.

BTW:  (1) Best casting since Hugh Jackman for Wolverine; (2) great American accent by an English actor!




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