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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Accidental breakthrough

Last night I was messing around with my vocoder synth, which included working out a part for one of the three songs I'm in the middle of.

I'm pleased to say that I somehow managed to work out the correct notes for both riffs, as I heard them in my head, on my very first attempt. For those of you with good ears (and/or perfect pitch) this probably doesn't mean anything -- but I'm disadvantaged in that area -- so I was, of course, immensely pleased that I hit upon the riffs without any effort.

Also, this will be the first time I've actually used the pitch-bend wheel in a song (rather than just messing around): when I was singing the part into the vocoder, the last two words seemed too choppy; it turned out I needed to slur them together -- so I play the second-to-last note with the pitch-bend all the way up (i.e. a whole step), then release it while holding down the same key, which slurs the pitch down to the correct final note.

I have some other tasks I'm supposed to be working on for the next few weeks --  so no additional recording until late Sept.

However, I have 90 minutes of down-time each Saturday, sitting in the rumpus room of the kids' piano teacher -- so I've been bringing my laptop and "good" headphones and tidying *.wav files that I'd recorded with my cell phone, to use in a techno-ish song I'm working on (the same one I'm using the vocoder in):  the working title is "SGFZASS".


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