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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A gift knife

Back in April or May of this year, I had a dream that I was at work (but not my "real life" work) in the break room, cutting up an apple with a blue-handled pocket knife.

When I woke up I decided that I should pick up a Cub Scout pocket knife from eBay.  I asked Old Roommate to bid on it on my behalf, since the shipping costs would be cheaper to send it to him than to me in Australia.

When I visited him in June, I retrieved the knife, and I asked him what I owed him.  He said it was a gift -- which was very nice of him.

As I've mentioned before, I collect pocket knives and small-to-medium-sized multitools.  And I "rotate through" each of them for three months each, just so when my kids finally inherit my things, they'll know that the pocket knives were all "user" tools that I actually used -- rather than simply things that I collected and threw in a shoebox.

So, here's a photo from a few days ago, with the Cub Scout knife entering into its rotation:

(That's my "pocket knife" pouch, on my work pants.  To the left is my -- yeah -- harmonica pouch.)

Most days at work I eat 1-3 apples; sometimes, a pear.  And although I usually eat frozen veggies, sometimes I'll cut up a zucchini or broccoli or some-such, and microwave that.  For all of these, I use my pocket knife -- although there are actual "kitchen knives" at work.

So:  hat tip to Old Roomate.  Thanks for the knife!  :)


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