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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cross-applied woodworking skills

My co-worker had been trying various solutions for removing the window glare from his computer monitors.  Early in this recent week -- maybe on Monday? -- another co-worker scavenged sheets of that paperboard honeycomb-cell packing sheets from a box in the hall (waiting to be recycled).

My co-worker gave me the basic concept, then left it to me to design and implement the specific solution.  My solution is below:  I used my hand-tool woodworking skills -- plus a box knife and a 30-60-90 triangle -- to create cross-lap joints to create a freestanding partition.

I would've liked to have had a trysquare and a marking gauge as well -- but, nope.

My co-worker likes the solution because it indeed eliminates the window glare.  **I** like it because it completely obscures me from the aisle:  I like the extra privacy.

However, it shows me how often I spin around in my chair and ask him questions (or bounce ideas off of him).  Every time I do this, I now face a brown wall:  so we have to stand up and discuss the idea, then sit back down.

Of course:  standing up from our chairs every once in a while is a good thing.

Our co-workers in the same pod liked the idea, so on Friday -- upon request --  I created a similar wall for them.

This mini-project turned out really well -- and also reinforced something I'd noticed about handtool woodworking:  with power tools, you use a tape measure a lot; with handtool woodworking, you tend to just fit one piece to the other, then cut to the line -- that is, no actual measuring.


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At June 29, 2015 12:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done and inexpensive solution. The night time cleaning crew may eventually wreak havoc with it, though.

The more expensive solution (for the boss' dime) are the anti-glare filters from 3M. They really do a good job with strong sunlight. These are a distinct product from their "privacy" filters. -- JL


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