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Sunday, March 22, 2015

TKD whacking stick

Two of my kids take Tae Kwon Do.  One of the exercises that they do at TKD is the instructor walks around and strikes at them with a padded stick, and the students block it.  Yesterday The Girl asked me if I could make one of those, for practicing at home.

So today, when we were out running some errands, I noticed a box of those "swim noodles" at a cheapy store, for three bucks each.  I picked up a nice color (purple).

When I got home, grabbed my stash of misc. broomsticks and large dowels (note:  All are "found" and "rescued" -- freebies!).

I cut the purple swim noodle to length:  "my arm plus fist", I decided. Then I selected one of the dowels with the correct diameter, cut it to length, and rounded off the snubbed end with a rasp, then with a file.

I made sure that there was a padded section at the tip, as well -- for simulated "straight punches".

As I usual, I finished by writing the "completion date" and my initials on it.

And, here's me trying it out with The Girl.

Seems to work.  :)

Also tried it out with B2, who also takes TKD.  No photos of that, though.

A three dollar outlay, plus maybe 15 minutes of labor.   And I got to customize the length.

I'm pleased.  :)


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