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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Movie review of the movie Brave

Yeah, I know that Brave came out a fair while ago.  But I didn't see it when it came out; and then we picked it up cheap on DVD, and added it to the pile of potential movies for family movie night.

Anyhow, watched it tonight.  Yep, good.  :)

It's about a Scottish princess, maybe 17 or 18, back in the old "clans" days.  Her mother -- the queen -- makes her spend most of her time learning all the princess-y things, but all the princess wants to do is ride her horse and do archery (and with some swordplay in there as well). 

Some amusing bits, some sad bits.  Billy Connelly voices the dad (the king) -- so that's a bonus. 

It reminded me a little of Frozen, in that it sharply deviates from the old Disney "princess (or commoner) looking for a prince"; instead, it's about a princess who doesn't want a prince.  And anyhow, the focus of the story is the mother-daughter relationship: the whole "you need to choose a prince and settle down" is mostly the point of conflict between the daughter and mother.

Yep; worth seeing.




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