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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Tiny apartments

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm browsing YouTube for videos of tiny houses and tiny apartments.  Yesterday's post was on tiny houses; today it's on tiny apartments.

Not surprisingly, many of them were from New York City.

A small apartment in Japan.  I get the impression that this is actually a pretty standard-sized apartment.

European open-plan apartment.  I like the narrow spiral stairway to get to it.  It's actually pretty spacious:  I could probably fit some recording gear, including a drum kit, up there.  My woodworking gear would go out on the balcony -- although I would have to install a better roof out there, or else I could only work on things during nice weather.

Secret cave apartment.  I like the secret nature of this, and it actually seems sufficiently larger. It's bigger than my first apartment!

Half-bedroom. This is a little bit of a "cheat", as it doesn't include the rest of the apartment -- so we don't get a sense of the rest of the apartment (e.g. cooking, bathroom).  It's clever how she uses the end of the bed as her seat for typing at her computer, and the lower shelf as her "desk". There's also a little entry area (closet items?) -- but it's not displayed clearly.

On the other hand, she could've had a loft, with a narrower bed, and then have all the rest of the floor space for a desk, a love seat, and etc.  But then it wouldn't have been as quirky.

Tiny Manhattan apartment. Not much in the way of cooking facilities.  Also I just realized that just about everyone in these "tiny apartments" is single. I appreciate her approach of whittling down her possessions to just what she really **loves**:  that way you're only surrounded by wonderful, meaningful things.

An even smaller apartment.  This is just about as small as you can get away with.  The sofa converts to a bed.  His desk is also his "kitchen".  A single, narrow closet.  It's a little bit of a "cheat", in that the bathroom is shared (out in the hall).  Also, he could've added a sleeping loft and really increased his useable space.

Top of the building.   Decent sized outdoors area, and he manages to have different "zones" in his apartment.  The kitchen is a useable size.

Seattle basement apartment.  This one is possibly my favorite, and the most like what **I** would come up with.  He's an engineer -- so presumably he could afford a bigger place if he wanted it.  But he enjoys the design challenge of fitting a lot into a small space -- seeing how much he can maximize.

I'd add a safety bar to the bed, so you don't roll out in the middle of the night.  And I personally wouldn't have the bicycles.  Also I'd have less steel and more brown-toned wood -- even though that would mean sacrificing the thin-ness of the material.

This would make **really** neat-o student accomodation.


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