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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Slushie redundancies

For my morning break, I went out to get a slushie.  I work downtown.

First, I tried the Night Owl that's down the block, then kitty-corner.  It's my preference:  the middle size is on sale, and the flavor and consistency is slightly better than at 7-11s.

But, the "cola" cylinder was in defrost (!!!).  Gah.  That almost never happens at that store.
So, I crossed back to my block, and tried the 7-11 on the corner.  But there was something was wrong with that cylinder:  it wouldn’t extrude the slushie.

So, I went to the 7-11 that was past my building, across the street, and down the block.  As it turned out, that one worked.  But if it hadn't, I could've gone around the corner for another block and caught the Hungry Jack's (Burger King) that's having a $1 sale on slushies.  And if the line was too long, I would've doubled back and visited thethe 7-11 under the shopping center, near where I catch my bus.

So, five different cola slushie options within a three-and-a-half block strip.  It’s good to have multiple layers of backups.  :)

Put differently:  my work location is optimized for slushies.


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