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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Latent computers

On the one hand, I stopped subscribing to Linux Format, as I was falling behind, I was trying to economize on my magazine buying, and my guitar and woodworking magazines were trumping LXF.

That is, if I received a woodworking or guitar magazine at the same time as the Linux magazine, the Linux magazine would be the one left behind.

So, I figured that my interests had shifted away from computers.  And they pretty much have.

Although:  just now, I wondered how the ''Puppy Linux'' distro was faring -- so I Wikipedia'd it.  And then I clicked on the ''Lighweight Linux'' link.  And then on the ''List of Operating Systems'' link, then ''Haiku'' (which is a replacement for BeOS) and ''MINIX''.

So, yeah:  compared to ''normal'' people, I do have an interest in computers.

But it's still trumped by my interest in music, and woodworking.

For now.


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