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Friday, May 11, 2012

Weird work week

OK -- this has been a weird work-week.

Monday was a public holiday -- so, stayed home.

Tuesday, stayed home with a sick kid (The Girl).

Weds, went in to work.  But my boss was away, as was the other research guy, so I was the only one in my team:  a little disorienting.

Thursday, did a guest lecture for a co-worker of my wife, as the university that's about six blocks away from my building.  While walking to work after the lecture, I got a phone call on my cell phone that Blondie Boy (Boy #1) had thrown up a bit at daycare.  So, stopped by work for about 10 mins, then went home to pick up the kid.  So worked about 10 minutes.

Friday, Blondie Boy still sick.

So, worked this week for one day, plus about 10 minutes.  I forget how many sick days I have left:  hopefully still a few!


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