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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Long weekend

Monday was Labor Day -- a Federal holiday, so no work.

Tuesday, sick child, so stayed home from work.  (Usually The Lady does this, as her work schedule -- she's a professor -- lets her do her work at the kitchen table on her laptop.  But she has a big report due in a week and a half -- so, it's my turn.

Staying home with a sick child was well-timed, as I'd broken the hinge on my glasses on Monday.  Used a Popsicle stick as a splint, and had taped it together -- so, wear-able.  But not great.

(On eyeglasses, the hinge is typically a screw.  I've had my glasses for about three(?) years, so the screw hole had worn itself larger. Typically I just bend over a piece of wire and use the wire as a hinge-pin.  Awkwardly, the bottom of the screw was still in the hinge, which meant the hole was blocked -- thus negating my solution.)

So, took The Girl (slightly ill) with me to my usual optometrist.  Didn't have an appointment, so they squeezed me in.  But, I'd have to wait for a hour and a half until he had a opening.  So, we wandered the neighborhood.  She fatigued easily, but was mostly stoic.

So, the timing was pretty good: sick kid, stay home from work on the same day I needed to get my glasses fixed.

BONUS:   After we got back from the optometrist, I lay down in bed with the sick child next to me.  I took a nap -- the first one in months.  DELIGHTFUL!!!


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