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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Long time chicken house

This chicken coop is a long time coming. Spent all day today (Saturday) working on it. Again.

If I made it smaller, or was more slapdash, it would go faster. But --

-I'm building it to last 5-10 years -- maybe longer. So I don't want to do things that will bother me for the next ten years, every time I see it: things like beams not properly vertical (or horizontal), or joints not quite lining up. My rule of thumb is that I can see an error from across the yard -- and it's right next to another building, so things off-vertical will be obvious -- then it's worth fixing.

-I want it sturdy enough that I don't have to fix things in just a few months. Also, it'll be sturdy enough that if we ever stop having chickens it can be a decent storage shed.

-A web search indicated that you need a certain square footage per chicken. Rather than build it for the bare minimum, I ended up making it a little large. From my recent experience, I've found that it's not the physical size of the parts (or the finished project) that takes up time -- it's the amount of handling. For example, building a two foot by two foot by two foot storage box takes the same amount of work as a four foot by four foot by four foot box. More cost for materials, sure -- but the same amount of time.

Anyhow: it might get done by the end of this weekend. Probably **not** -- but it'll be **nearly** done.

Maybe done enough to move the chix in, anyhow.


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At May 02, 2012 10:47 AM, Anonymous KansasLutheran said...

Do you have chickens yet? When I retire and move to the country (in 20 years?) I want to have chickens. And some goats. My family makes fun of me, but I don't care! Enjoy.

At May 03, 2012 6:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kind of have chickens. :)

The actual hens are still at Mum's. But the kids' daycare had eggs in incubators, which hatched about two weeks ago. Which means they had about fifteen chicks they had to find homes for.

So this last Friday (six days ago), we brought home four chickies. Currently they live in a plastic storage tote (no lid!) in our other bathroom. In a week or two they'll have enough feathers to live outside.

(Hmm -- gotta put this information in a blog entry...) :)

I support the whole "retiring to the country" notion. :) Hens are nice: the "chruuuu, chruuuu" sound they make is actually very soothing...



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