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Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Cars cover in Cars 2

My kids have the DVD of the movie Cars 2. As I walked past the t.v. as they were watching it, I noticed that it included a cover of the song ''You Might Think'', by the '80s new wave band The Cars. Clever! I wonder how many people picked up on that.

I presume they used a cover version rather than the original because it costs less: when you use the original recording, you have to pay songwriting **and** performance royalties; if you re-make the song, you just pay for the songwriting.

For you youngsters that aren't ''up'' on The Cars, here's some examples. Note that my choices from YouTube tended towards their live performances. Sorry -- some volume differences between the clips.

"You Might Think"

"Just What I Needed"

"Tonight She Comes"

"My Best Friend's Girl"

From a musician's point of view, what I find interesting is that even though Ric Ocasek (probably misspelled) -- the tall skinny dark-haired guy -- was the main songwriter, that for some of the songs Benjamin Orr (the blond bassist) did lead vocals. Given their similar vocal timbre, I wonder why they did that.


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At March 06, 2012 12:44 PM, Anonymous Giovanni said...

Great music! Haven't heard that for a lonnnng time!


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