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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Wrongfully accused

In the '90s, there was a pretty good band called "School of Fish". Their best-known song is "Three Strange Days." I have both their (major label) albums. Then the band broke up, the singer went solo, and his album flopped.

It's always bothered me when singers ditch their bands when they **finally** get famous -- so when I discovered that his solo album flopped, I thought "Good riddance." And I'd mention it as an interesting factoid whenever I introduced someone to their albums.

Turns out that -- at least according to the Wikipedia article -- the **band** broke up, rather than the singer leaving. And then a few years later he got cancer and died at the age of 32.

So, umm -- sorry for badmouthing you, dude.

(Less latency, it seems, if you click through directly to YouTube.)


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At October 17, 2011 1:21 PM, Anonymous oldmanneill said...

A blast from the past...totally forgot about that song/band.


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