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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Song backlog

For a week or so, I was doing pretty well with recording: spending an hour or two an evening, a few times a week. But I seem to have stalled out: busy with other stuff in the evening. So, the song for which I've been laying down tracks is still only about one-third completed.

And yet, while helping with the weekly grocery shopping this weekend, I accidentally wrote another song. Had a bassline and a drum beat going through my head, as I pushed the shopping cart up and down the aisles. Figured I should add some lyrics. At the end of the second line of the first verse, I took a left turn and followed the concept to its logical conclusion.

The song is about about a guy who decides to break up with his girlfriend and date a mime instead. I'm fairly confident that this doesn't mean that my subconscious thinks The Lady talks too much.

It's good that I wrote another song -- but, frustrating in that it's yet **another** song that I have in the queue, that I can't managed to get to. A week ago I had three songs in the "hot" queue. Now I have four.

But, better than **not** having songs in the queue.


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