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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween costume

So, I was prepping for a friend's costume party today. I'd planned out the costume in my head during the week: some sort of generic green super-hero.

But then, this morning as I was assembling the parts, I had an inspiration: instead of a green super-hero, I'd be a 1930s pulp science-fiction person.

To achieve this, I added goggles, omitted the green gloves I was going to wear, and added two art deco-ish rings.

And then, I cast about for something steampunk-ish to add. Saw the kids' bubble gun -- so that worked for a 1950s ray gun. But it needed a futuristic-looking muzzle.

Went out to the library/home office and looked about. My eyes found the bucket of old-timey radio parts on the edge of my desk (which everyone has in their home office). Tried a few of them, and one of them actually fit snugly into the nozzle of the bubble gun. Score!

Here's a snapshot of the resulting "space gun".

Essentially, I didn't want to spend too much time -- or any money -- on a costume.

Seems to have worked out OK. :)


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