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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Music at work update

My "music at work" endeavor has fallen by the wayside. Played the harmonica or the tin whistle at a local park on some weekends -- but I still felt self-conscious practicing (as opposed to performing something I was decent at) in public. There's a small conference room, and a medium conference room, but neither are soundproofed enough to not bother people.

Instead, I've been going for walks on my lunch break (o.k. -- it's exercise, at least), and then reading at the breakroom table for the final five minutes.

Thursday, though, while walking, it occurred to me that I could bring in my small Casio-style keyboard. I'd want to buy a AC power pack for $10-$15. I could just play it at a low volume, and keep it in my desk drawer when not in use.


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